Evan N.

Seattle, WA


Our daughter loves the teachers, kids, and activities. This place is a little out of our way, but it is worth it for such an amazing experience. Clean, lots of places for play, and a really enriching environment.

Cordelia S.

Seattle, WA


Great childcare center with truly amazing teachers!!

Kate, D

Everett, WA


Our daughter attended A Place for Kids for two years. She started in the infant room when she was 6 months old. A few months ago, my husband got a promotion and a transfer to San Francisco. One of the first thoughts that entered my head when I found out that we were moving was that we would have to leave A Place For Kids. I was heartbroken.

Our daughter loved A Place for Kids. She was always happy in the morning when I dropped her off and greeted me with smiles when I picked her up. She constantly talked (and still talks) about Diane, Cathy, and her little friends from APFK. She learned so much from APFK. I was always astounded by the new things she learned every day. They taught her simple sign language, how to say "please," "thank you," and "bless you" when someone sneezed. She learned how to count to ten and say "sorry" and pat someone comfortingly on the arm when she made a mistake. I know that she would not have learned all of this if it hadn't been for APFK.

They are also amazingly flexible. They were the most reasonably priced daycare we found when we were looking for a place for our daughter. Also, because I'm a teacher, our daughter spends summers home with me. Most places would require you to continue to pay tuition to hold your spot. This was not the case for APFK. This is unheard of in daycares and really helped our family financially.

The last time that I saw the teachers at APFK, we were all crying. Me, because I had to take my daughter out of a daycare she obviously loved and they were crying because they genuinely love my daughter. How many people can say that the teachers at their child's daycare love their child?

Now that I am trying to find a daycare for our daughter in the Bay Area, I appreciate APFK even more. Ramona, Cathy, Diane, Ashley, Jade, and all of the teachers there are wonderful. I highly recommend A Place For Kids.

Gina A.

King George, VA


After reading what I would call an absurd review, I decided to share mine and my boys experience with APFK.

My boys were 18 months and 3 1/2 when we started at APFK. Let me start by saying I went to them originally because my sister had my niece in their care from the time she was an infant and LOVED them. From day one I knew my boys were in good hands. I come from an early childhood education background and am VERY picky when it comes to care for my boys. My boys were always warmly welcomed in the mornings,  had so many fun things to share about their day when I picked them up and developed very close relationships with their teachers. During the time we were there, there was VERY low turn over and even now after being gone from there for a year most of the same staff remains. There were parties to celebrate so many fun things,  a leprechaun that made a mess on St Patricks day. A big summer family bbq for all the families and staff to interact outside of the normal day to day routine. There was a company that brought ponies out to ride and get pictures with, class pictures a couple times a year. There were field trips for the pre k class, things my older son still remembers fondly. So many wonderful memories and activites that my boys experienced because of the staff and love at APFK. The curriculum,  art activities, outside play all exceeded my expectations. At one point my older son was showing some signs of struggle, his teachers and the director (ramona) were actively involved with me while I made Dr's appts etc to help figure out what was going on. They were always very positive and honest with me. When I changed jobs, my hours changed. APFK opens at 630,  my new position had me starting at 630, Kathy who opens the center every day, welcomed us a little early with open arms knowing I had to get to work as close to 630 as possible. She didn't have to do this, she did this because she cared and loved my boys. I trust them all so much that I also looked to them for care outside of daycare time. Baby sitting on weekends etc. I would never just let anyone into my home. After my older son started kindergarten he would ask to go back and visit when he didn't have regular school.

We left washington last June to move across the country.  To this day, my now 4 year old still goes on and on about his "old school" and his teachers.  He has even called to talk to his teachers and friends since we have moved. I recently went back to Washington to visit and one of the very first stops I made was to see them. My kids and I miss them. I have referred many friends and family to APFK and will continue to do so with every opportunity.

It's very sad to me that someone said so many negative things about a place they let their child attend for 11 months. If there were real,  genuine concerns,  why did they continue to go for close to a year? That makes no sense to me. I wouldn't let my child stay somewhere that long if I was so worried and distraught about the care they were receiving.

Bluesette C.

Bothell, WA


My daughter attended APFK for almost 4 years and we could not have been happier.  We originally chose  APFK due to the loving and nurturing environment we witnessed when we toured.

Our daughter started in the baby room when she was 3 months old. Kathy and the rest of the staff in the baby room provided her with such a loving and nurturing environment that she still jumps up and down with excitement when she gets to go back and visit.  

In the toddler room & Pre-K she just blossomed under the caring supervision of the wonderful staff.  She learned so much from an educational standpoint that she was completely up to speed when we placed her in a private school for Kindergarten.  Yes

they did occasionally watch movies but in the 4 years she was there I only saw or heard about it a handful of times.  Yes, my child came home with a sucker after a really good day sometimes but is it really that big a deal?  It isn't like they are handing them out by the fist-full after nap time, it is an occasional treat for the kids.

Regarding the "poor meals" another reviewer mentioned, it is worth noting that daycare centers that accept DSHS are required to meet strict USDA guidelines with their meal plans.  While in a perfect world I would have loved if all of her meals were organic and such that is just not going to happen at a daycare that is reasonably priced.  When I was originally looking there were a few out there served amazing meals but they were twice the cost of most daycare.  That said though I really wasn't that unhappy with the food there.  There were days I would walk in and fresh banana bread was baking in the oven and I was envious of my child's breakfast. :)  

I can't say enough good things about APFK as we loved it there.  Any issues we ever had Ramona took care of them directly, efficiently and with kindness.  I would enroll any future children I have here in a heartbeat.

Amber, D.

Seattle, WA


Both my son (2 years) and daughter (5 years) attend A Place For Kids.  After having both been in in-home daycares, this was an easy adjustment into a larger daycare school.  It's been almost a year now since they've been attending, and we are all very happy.

I can't even refer to APFK as a daycare, because it's more than that.  It truly is a school, even for the youngest of kids.  My son was not quite two when he started, and even that group was learning, and being held accountable.  It's great knowing that when we leave the kids in the morning, they are treated like family (because that's what it's like with all the teachers there) and they are also learning, and having fun.  

We have been very happy at APFK, and even more importantly, both of our kids love it there!  Sometimes it's hard to even get them to leave and come home with us in the afternoons!  

Highly recommend!

Julia, C

Seattle, WA


The wonderful staff at A Place for Kids have been caring for my two sons (ages 3 & 5) since Dec. 2009.  We are so happy we found this place.  Our children's well being is always the first priority...and on top of that they have so much fun!  My son is already reading, they sing, make art, and always feel loved and cared for.  I would not hesitate to recommend A Place for Kids to any family.

Chelsea. A

Victoria, BC



My 9 month old has been going here for about 4 months-- and loves it.  The people that work here are quite a lot of fun.  I trusted them the moment I walked in and feel very lucky to have found this place.