In addition to holding and cuddling the infants, our teachers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development. Each baby has his/her own schedule, our teachers like to sing, play, read to them. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and acquire a variety of other skills. They will exercise they fine motor skills, big motor skills. They can explore freely on the floor as our infant room is no-shoe policy. 

Our infant program is designed to enhance each baby’s development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace. We talk to infants, cuddle them, and sing to with them, read to them so that they feel loved and secure in their environment. Once babies experience this sense of security, they will respond openly and trustingly to our caring staff and to the new things they are experiencing. Monthly visits from our consulting nurse keeps us educated in illness prevention practices, feeding schedules, and assessment of growth and development. We realize infant begin their environmental exploration from birth by observing and creating knowledge about everything in their lives. As part of the scientific exploration in an infant’s life, they observe, experiment, analyze and communicate their findings. These scientific experiments will continue into the toddler years and become more intricate as they become preschoolers. We encourage our infant to explore at their own pace and with careful supervision at all time.

Teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. The teacher reinforces the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule.